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Make Our Metroplex Your Home
Reunion Title is your Best relocation source for the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex.

Here are a few key facts to keep in mind when it comes to relocating or expanding to or within our region:

The Dallas/Fort Worth Region…
has a young, diverse and growing population and labor market
is a major hub for air and ground transportation
has a thriving real estate market
is a leader in high tech equipment manufacturing/support services
is the distribution center of the southwest
is an "International Gateway" for business
and, is a major banking and financial center

Dallas is a "hotbed for corporate relocations" according to the Employee Relocation Council.

Why? The reasons are abundant.

  • Pro-Business Atmosphere
    From its inception, the Dallas area has been a bustling center of commerce, and today thousands of companies call it home. An entrepreneurial spirit permeates the business culture, making it a hot, pro-business market.
  • Growth
    The population of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area is expanding rapidly. The Dallas/Fort Worth population grew by 25% during the past decade totaling 5,037,345 people. From 1999 to 2000, more than 106,000 new jobs were created in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • Location, Market Access and Transportation
    The central location and international airport system give businesses a competitive advantage in the national and international marketplace. The region also has an excellent freeway system and a world-class telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Financial Incentives
    There is no personal income tax, no corporate income tax, no state property tax and no unitary tax. Texas is a right-to-work state, which keeps unionization at a minimum. What's more, the region has the fifth-lowest cost of living of the major U.S. metropolitan areas.

There's Room for Your Business
Our economic development staff would welcome the opportunity to work with you on a confidential basis to provide the information and services (such as prospect tours, community presentations, incentives, custom research, and employee relocation assistance) required to enable you to make an informed location decision.

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